Why Not: God, Science, Quantum Physics

Here at holygoodnight we believe in God, but perhaps many of you don’t. Maybe you believe in something or someone else or believe in nothing, which of course is still believing in something. (But didn’t Alice say on the Honeymooners……..the king of nothing is still nothing?)

At any rate, feel free to join in and share your thoughts, big or small, on the Upper World.



2 responses to “Why Not: God, Science, Quantum Physics

  1. Listen, we don’t care, talk about science, which to some is a God, talk about quantum physics which is always mesmerizing, or talk about God……….

  2. Ok, personally, we think Whatthebleep.com is pretty cool………..also, check out “The Celestial Prophecy” or would that be Vision (?)….just try a search on Google, very good stuff and movie out there, no, we haven’t seen it, but the books are cool, and Paulo Coehle, Warrior of the Light, and the Alchemist, bravo!

    For great quips and small pieces to get you through the day, try Kabbalah.com and forget what the news is telling you, they are only self sacrificing people working for the greater good, you don’t need to suscribe or believe, check out some of their information, graphics and web presentation are cool, and who knows, you may come away with three to four words you like……….

    Also, Medugorje……..the stories……..if for no other reason, read them for the courage, strength and sheer belief of otherwise ordinary human beings………

    the list can and will go on…………

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