Today’s news: jump in, the water’s fine

Welcome to “HolyGoodNight”!

Holy Goodnight is a reaction to daily events and news items. Perhaps what you hear on the way to work, in the foodstore, right before walking into a meeting that is supposed to be important.

Holy Goodnight highlights one piece of news a day and invites comment. Be forewarned, we don’t accept or ascribe to negativity for the sake of speaking, no discrimination and no prejudice please. We are hear to be heard and to hear in return. The goal is to listen to the spoken word.



3 responses to “Today’s news: jump in, the water’s fine

  1. The “velocity of money” is the concept with which our network is to master if we are to “make it.” Here is this week’s tip from a solitary Target shopper. The nice clerk told me you can get “Bluetooth” technology off for about $50.00. One can bypass all mp3 and ipod accessories, stick their media player anywhere that suits them on their form and hear the artwork outpour from any limb that can carry the 12ounce art-liquour. Cheers and holygoodnight.

  2. “Velocity of money”, now that’s got a great ring (no pun intended).

  3. Ok, was the velocity of money that hard to comprehend? We’ll try again then……..feet dragging in the sand……….head hung low………..

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