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NJ: Menendez & Kean!

ok, we are not the only ones wondering what the candidates will do for N.J. Obviously, the Huffington Post is interested also:

“After a debate this morning at CBS studios in Manhattan with New Jersey Senatorial candidates Robert Menendez and Tom Kean Jr., JoAnn Sohl, a member of the anti-war group Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), tried to talk to Republican Kean about his “stay the course” strategy for Iraq.

Sohl, whose son is serving in Iraq, got the usual, cowardly brush-off given to military families by Republicans when spouses or parents of troops demand answers on the lies that put our people in Iraq and the Republican goal of keeping them smack-dab in the middle of a civil war.A few months ago, MFSO requested meetings with both Menendez and Kean Jr. to talk to them about the war. Both accepted the meetings, but Kean Jr. decided to get up and walk out in the middle of his meeting, saying that he’d get back to the military families in writing. He never did.

When Sohl again attempted to talk to Kean Jr. after the debate, Kean scampered off and left his Rove-like campaign manager, Evan Koslow, to blow her off. Watch the video and you’ll see that Kean Jr. goes to the back of the room, stands alone and cowers while his campaign hack continues to tell a military Mom whose questions have clearly not been answered, that they have.

It’s disgusting, but it’s precisely what we’ve come to expect from the GOP at this point.”

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I’m sitting here reading the New York Times and am wondering how do you decide what issue most warrants your time (or money if you have any?).

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Is it just a pull from the gut?

preconceived morality?

what your friends are doing?



One entry found for beneficent.

Main Entry: be·nef·i·cent
Pronunciation: -s&nt
Function: adjective
Etymology: back-formation from beneficence
1 : doing or producing good; especially : performing acts of kindness and charity
be·nef·i·cent·ly adverb

**definition provided by Merriam Webster online dictionary

What is this word I wondered? I sat in the courtroom, watching other actors performing a play, hearing one attorney claim a duck is a duck if it quacks, then hearing the judge use the word: “beneficient”. Huh? I didn’t know that word, felt I should but I didn’t.

After court, which is another story entirely, I returned to the office and looked up beneficient. What a wonderful word, “producing good”.

Now to wonder, have I? Have I produced good recently? What is the measure? If the perception is always mine, ruled by the ego, then if I am in the mood to feel that I have produced good, my perception will be that I have in fact produced good. But is that the same as the production of good or only the perception?

To Burden or Not to Burden

Before emptying your problems onto people, use the following process:

  1. breath
  2. imagine five things the person you intend to empty onto has or may have gone through in that given day or week
  3. imagine that that person, your intended listener has made the decision not to burden you
  4. imagine if you reached out to share something positive and loving
  5. imagine basking in the light of sharing good rather than negativity
  6. determine how both you and the intended listener could benefit from sharing positive energy as opposed to negative

Let me know if this works for you and others………………………………..holygoodnight.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for President!

“…it would be a provocative act…”.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice first used this phrase: “provocative act”.

The other night, following North Korea’s slap to the world, President Bush repeated Dr. Rice’s infamous words: “provocative act”.

Here’s one vote in 2008 for Dr. Rice for President.

Who’s in?

The Fall of Superwoman

Good bye and Good Luck Ms. Kepcher. Isn’t that really what Mr. Trump should have said? Rather than the tired and tried: “you’re fired”.

The real question is, short of unethical behavior, how do you fire someone like Ms. Kepcher? Let’s face it, she became her own household name and a beacon to working women. To fight to the top, stay there, and carve her own way, while blessed with a loving husband, she appeared to call a friend, and two beautiful children?

Really, Mr. Trump, do you think you have the power to fire that kind of energy? Shame on you sir, perhaps you simply needed to fold your hand.