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The Billable Mother

Take One: .2 hours equals taking the laundry out of the washing machine and placing it in the dryer

Take Two: employing someone to take the laundry out of the washing machine and placing it in the dryer, at $10.00 an hour; no longer .2; at that rate would take two hours, so, let’s even it out at $20.00 for that job

if I am motivated and can get the laundry out of the washer and into the dryer in two minutes or less, I can then sit down and bill at $200 an hour, which grosses me $90.00 an hour

Again, it appears worth it for me to do the housework myself


Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks?

Are you kidding me?

Really, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks?

Why is it that then most of us have turned it into a microcosm of all that is wrong with the world?

Here we go, pre-Thanksgiving….

how does it line up in your house? in your family?

Got to tell you, don’t know if it works this way in your camp, but in our family, holidays start the period of war……….who is doing what and who isn’t? Who is cooking, who isn’t? who is paying the food bill? who hates who? Did she wear the wrong dress? did she not bring the right dish? did he not sit on the couch and be able to spit out the right football stats?

Where are we and what are we doing? That’s all we want to know, how have we come to the consequences of our collective decisions?

“Hudson County Native” here we go: Menendez v. Kean

Local papers report: “Hudson County native fights to keep seat in Nov. 7 election” (Hoboken Reporter: ok, ok, gotta get deeper and closer to the source in this, gotta get into Hudson County and see what the Hudson County Resident is going on about)

Where does Menedez live now? Hoboken.

Where was the garbage to be? Jersey City.

Ok, “Hudson County Resident”, one point for you. So why then is the forecast that the Republican hold is slipping away? Could it be that despite Wikepedia statistics on Mr. Kean, that somehow the statistics and smear campaign are still not enough? That even garbage smells better?

Menendez is credited with things too you know, more money for more trains, or more rails, same difference, (separate but equal, right?), and hey, he got to help get his hands on money for Port security…I don’t know, but I think that ranks. And how about helping those Senior Citizens, (and yes, they apparently get younger all the time, regardless, they are “Seniors”), get health prescription assistance?

Did you know that some of Hudson County’s Democrats have gone to jail on corruption charges? Kean believes this is a big campaign issue. Is that the same as saying the Republican party is free of criminal and/or corrupt politicians?

and this site:

can you shed some light?

Stats on Kean: Thank you Wikipedia

New Jersey Assembly

Kean was appointed to the New Jersey General Assembly, the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature, in April 2001, to fill out the unexpired term of Alan Augustine, who had resigned due to health reasons. He then was elected to a full term in the Assembly in his own right in November 2001. There he was the Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee and served as Vice Chairman for the State Government Committee.

In March 2003, he was appointed to the State Senate, to fill out the unexpired term of Rich Bagger. In November 2003, he was elected to fill the seat he had been appointed to. In 2004, Kean was elected Senate Minority Whip, a position he still holds. He serves on the Judiciary Committee and the Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee, and previously was on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

In the state legislature, Kean has been a proponent of ethics reform in New Jersey government. He was the original sponsor of legislation banning pay to play practices in New Jersey. He has sponsored legislation to streamline government, promote education, protect the environment, and lower property taxes.

Kean was one of only twenty-four elected officials from across the United States to be chosen as a distinguished Aspen Rodel Fellow in Public Service. In 2002, Kean was named one of forty state leaders from the entire nation to be recognized as a Toll Fellow by the Council of State Governments for high achievement and service to state government.

In 2005, the New Jersey Conference of Mayors named Kean as a Legislative Leader. He has also received, for the second year in a row, the Amerigroup Foundation’s Champion for Children award for his advocacy on behalf of children’s health issues. He also has been named Legislator of the year by the Fireman’s Benevolent Association and has received a 100% voting record with the National Federation of Independent Business.”


NJ: Menendez & Kean!

ok, we are not the only ones wondering what the candidates will do for N.J. Obviously, the Huffington Post is interested also:

“After a debate this morning at CBS studios in Manhattan with New Jersey Senatorial candidates Robert Menendez and Tom Kean Jr., JoAnn Sohl, a member of the anti-war group Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), tried to talk to Republican Kean about his “stay the course” strategy for Iraq.

Sohl, whose son is serving in Iraq, got the usual, cowardly brush-off given to military families by Republicans when spouses or parents of troops demand answers on the lies that put our people in Iraq and the Republican goal of keeping them smack-dab in the middle of a civil war.A few months ago, MFSO requested meetings with both Menendez and Kean Jr. to talk to them about the war. Both accepted the meetings, but Kean Jr. decided to get up and walk out in the middle of his meeting, saying that he’d get back to the military families in writing. He never did.

When Sohl again attempted to talk to Kean Jr. after the debate, Kean scampered off and left his Rove-like campaign manager, Evan Koslow, to blow her off. Watch the video and you’ll see that Kean Jr. goes to the back of the room, stands alone and cowers while his campaign hack continues to tell a military Mom whose questions have clearly not been answered, that they have.

It’s disgusting, but it’s precisely what we’ve come to expect from the GOP at this point.”

compliments of:  author:  Bob Geiger

For further author information:

Michael J. Fox?

Am I hearing this right?  Is the news suggesting to me that he didn’t take his meds?  That he is acting?  (I presume by now he has either lost the ability to separate his acting self from his everyday self, or he has and will always retain the ability to keep the two separate).

So, do any of you know?  What are they going on about?  This actor/father/husband who has apparently done nothing other than be a strong courageous man all of these years, now accused of, (I almost can’t say it), “acting”?

Now really, you are kidding me right?  How about Menendez?  Tom Kean, Jr.?  I’m still waiting to hear what they will do for the State rather than what they want to do to each other.

Come on, all of you intelligent people, tell me, exactly why is CNN highlighting Michael J. Fox?  You’ve got to be kidding me.