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The Billable Mother

Take One: .2 hours equals taking the laundry out of the washing machine and placing it in the dryer

Take Two: employing someone to take the laundry out of the washing machine and placing it in the dryer, at $10.00 an hour; no longer .2; at that rate would take two hours, so, let’s even it out at $20.00 for that job

if I am motivated and can get the laundry out of the washer and into the dryer in two minutes or less, I can then sit down and bill at $200 an hour, which grosses me $90.00 an hour

Again, it appears worth it for me to do the housework myself


Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks?

Are you kidding me?

Really, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks?

Why is it that then most of us have turned it into a microcosm of all that is wrong with the world?

Here we go, pre-Thanksgiving….

how does it line up in your house? in your family?

Got to tell you, don’t know if it works this way in your camp, but in our family, holidays start the period of war……….who is doing what and who isn’t? Who is cooking, who isn’t? who is paying the food bill? who hates who? Did she wear the wrong dress? did she not bring the right dish? did he not sit on the couch and be able to spit out the right football stats?

Where are we and what are we doing? That’s all we want to know, how have we come to the consequences of our collective decisions?

On Trial: Female Circumcision in America

Believed to be the first reported criminal case in America, the Associated Press is reporting that a father is on trial in Georgia, having been accusued of circumcising his daughter and the mother discovered it a year later. The parents are not now married.

So not so fast, the Dad an immigrant from Ethopia says he did not and would never do that.

Is this a case of he said, she said? A consequence of ill feelings following divorce? Will anyone ever really truly know?

What is at stake is in the mind of America, a young girl went through a brutal and creul process. Regardless of who did this to the young girl, will the impact of culture prove to mitigate what is otherwise considered to be, in this country, a horrific crime?

Civil Union or Marriage? N.J. Again.

Law has always been a distinction between words. The English language is replete with words that sound the same, are spelled the same, but woe for you if English is not your native language.

So is civil union truly the same as marriage? If it is, why is NJ having such an issue and giving the lawmakers six months to find the proper words?

A civil union is a legal partnership agreement between two persons. They are typically created for same-sex couples with the purpose of granting them some benefits that are found in marriage. Civil unions were made to try to appease same sex couples. They are given very limited advantages compared to married couples. The amount of advantages vary within the state but their rights aren’t nearly equivalent to married couples. Some jurisdictions, however, also allow entry by opposite-sex couples. Unions that are similar to or synonymous with civil unions include civil partnerships, registered partnerships , and domestic partnerships. Some jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, have unions that on the paper are similar to marriage, while some only allow minimal reciprocal benefits. Many people are critical of civil unions because they say it creates a separate status that’s unequal to marriage. Others are critical because they say it is introducing same-sex marriage by using a different name.

A marriage is a relationship between or among individuals, usually recognized by civil authority and/or bound by the religious beliefs of the participants. The fact that marriage often has the dual nature of a binding legal contract plus a moral promise can make it difficult to characterize.

A married couple can be called each other’s spouses, and spousal is used as a legal term for the marital relation. A royal married couple are consorts.

In one form or another, marriage is found in virtually every society. The very oldest records that refer to it speak of it as an established custom. Despite attempts by anthropologists to trace its origin (and test the hypothesis of primitive promiscuity), evidence is lacking.

In Western societies, marriage has traditionally been understood as a monogamous union, while in other parts of the world polygamy has been a common form of marriage. Usually this has taken the form of polygyny (a man having several wives) but a very few societies have permitted polyandry (a woman having several husbands). [1]


The question remains: separate but equal? And is there equality if there is a separate “class”?

NJ Supreme Court: passes on approving gay marriage

Just now I was handed an article from

“N.J. court stops short of Ok’ing gay marriage.”

Stops short? That means it may be ok but we don’t have the final word? Well, let’s see…


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Hmmm…..looks like you will have to see for yourself…………….

Stop back and share your thoughts…………………………..