“Hudson County Native” here we go: Menendez v. Kean

Local papers report: “Hudson County native fights to keep seat in Nov. 7 election” (Hoboken Reporter: ok, ok, gotta get deeper and closer to the source in this, gotta get into Hudson County and see what the Hudson County Resident is going on about)

Where does Menedez live now? Hoboken.

Where was the garbage to be? Jersey City.

Ok, “Hudson County Resident”, one point for you. So why then is the forecast that the Republican hold is slipping away? Could it be that despite Wikepedia statistics on Mr. Kean, that somehow the statistics and smear campaign are still not enough? That even garbage smells better?

Menendez is credited with things too you know, more money for more trains, or more rails, same difference, (separate but equal, right?), and hey, he got to help get his hands on money for Port security…I don’t know, but I think that ranks. And how about helping those Senior Citizens, (and yes, they apparently get younger all the time, regardless, they are “Seniors”), get health prescription assistance?

Did you know that some of Hudson County’s Democrats have gone to jail on corruption charges? Kean believes this is a big campaign issue. Is that the same as saying the Republican party is free of criminal and/or corrupt politicians?

and this site: http://www.bluejersey.net/

can you shed some light?


2 responses to ““Hudson County Native” here we go: Menendez v. Kean

  1. Hudson County Resident

    The Hudson County organization is widely believed to be the second most corrupted in the nation. The winner, if you can call it that, goes to an area in Chicago. Sure, Republicans are not unfamiliar to political corruption. But in NJ and in particular, Hudson County, it the Democrats leading the way – all the way!

  2. Does anyone know when politics became synonymous with corruption? Is it again the few giving the rest a bad name?

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